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Create Your Exam

About Exam Proc.

ExamProc is an online mobile based examination/assessment platform with digital proctoring for evaluating student skills and learning outcome.

Create Question Paper

Option of adding test instructions are also provided which guides the user before attempting the online test.

Schedule Test/Exam

Schedule a Computer Based Test (CBT). You will receive an Exam Authorization email from API

Monitor Test/Exam

Exam Monitor is an it-system that has developed for digital exam, in order to discourage from cheating.

Proctor Mechanism

  • The Assessment app will capture random snapshots during the online assessment, as a part of the authentication and Proctor mechanism.
  • In case the total time expires, then test will be submitted automatically.
  • At start and end of test, selfie is taken.
  • Location of User is also recorded on all photo evidence snd throughout test to ensure student is steady at one place.
  • Once the exam is submitted you cannot change and reattempt it further.
  • Once The Test Paper appears on FULL Screen, if examinee tries to minimize the screen size or exit or swap screen it will automatically lead to CANCELLATION OF EXAM immediately.
  • Phone call can not be attended during the exam. App will disconnect all incoming calls until the exam is going on.
  • In case it is found if examinee is using any unfair means during the exam then exam will stand CANCELLED.

Result Sharing with Organization

After assessment on the said schedule client will get the student wise answer sheet (soft copy), proctor report (soft copy) and overall result in excel file after completion of assessment.

Issue Certificate

Users can check the result in their respective login after completion of the exam or check same under candidate area → Result Tab.

Note: Result will only be displayed if or when organization (examiner) wants to display.